Sanori Gardens

"Welcome," a soft voice says as you enter through the hidden gate. Twisting to face it, you see a figure silhouetted against the evening sun. A rainbow of colors dance around the shadow in fragile flower petals, the warm breeze rushing past them. "I'm very glad to see you entered this place unharmed. Not many know of the gardens, and those that do only try to harm them. Please, come forward." it says, beckoning you toward it. You walk on through the lush and beautiful garden.

As you get nearer, the figure steps away from the orage sun and makes itself visible to you. A beautiful blue dragon, with wings of a dove. Her soft green eyes look bleek and far away, hiding any hint of emotion as she stretches her wings out wide. "My name is Hylatin, which means Gentle Blue Heart in the ancient Sanori language. I am a guardian to this place and everything that lives within," she tells you softly as if not to disturb the wind-rustled leaves. She walks forward on the path until it begins to fork, then stops to and looks in your direction. "This is the place where the gardens split. To the east, an intricate maze where most of the creatures here in Sanori live. And to the west, the creature sanctuary." she continues, guiding you along a cobblestone path. "The creature sanctuary and the maze are very different. The Sanctuary is a quiet place for our creatures to rest and live their lives happily without having to worry about hunters, while the maze is long and intricate with many secrets to unfold. I will leave you to go your own way, my friend. I am very busy..." she trails off and moves to slip away.

As she goes, she says to you, without looking back, "Most call me Little Sapphire."

She turns and ducks through a small passage through the leafy hedge that makes up the wall of the garden. For a moment, you find yourself caught up in the beauty of your surroundings, unaware of anything else. You run to where the dragon escaped to, but you realize she's no where in sight and that there is no way to follow her. Looking back at the forked path, you remember the beautiful creature that lead you into the gardens. A deep blue creature with a white belly and face. Maybe you'll find it in the maze? you think.

Which way will you go?

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October 24, 2008

Halloween! It's really coming up on us :D We have a great bunch of contests going on in the Garden Terrace, and as you can see above, there's a black and red dragon that wants to tell you about trick-or-treating at the Gardens!

July 30, 2008

Alrighty! Most of the layout is all done. The only thing left is the entrance and the Maze, but that can wait a little while longer. There's a clutch of flions available in the Aviary; go check it out!

July 17, 2008

Well, it's been under way now for about two days, but I finally got the layout all finished! Well, not technically. Technically, I'm still working on putting content into the layout, but I have the layout itself all done! Isn't that exciting!? :D But now comes the tedious part...

July 3, 2008

Hiya, everyone :3 All doing well? I sure hope so. The sleeping giant that is Sanori is finally waking once again, so hold on to your hat! 'Cause we're up and running! Well, not quite yet, but we're certainly getting there. There are currently a bunch of Dayons up for adoption on the Garden Terrace Board, so go give them a look!

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